A Welcome Workout

I feel fall in the air and what a difference it makes in my workout. For one, I can breathe — the heat and humidity wreak havoc with my asthma so this cooler air is a welcome break. Also, I have more energy to do the workouts with the cooler weather. Win no matter how you look at it!

I am so sore — those squats I did yesterday are really making the back of my legs know who’s boss. Also my shoulders are very tight and when I turn my head to the left..let’s just say that I don’t enjoy turning my head to the left right now.

It was a good workout and my spirit and motivation seem at an all time high!

Warmup x2
high knees
heel to butt
forward lunges

Core Work x2
6in flutters
back extensions
general stretching
50 push-ups

65lb hang snatch
heavy jump ropes x4
box jumps x2
25lb kettle bell swings x2

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