I Conquered …

I have mentioned this before..that I have been working and working at figuring out how to do a double under jump rope move. I have worked on it, whipped the rope against the front of my ankle area, stopped and started over and over again… and nothing….so frustrating…until TODAY! I was able to do a few – not in a row – but a few double unders – is HUGE for me.

Goes to show you even for someone who works out a lot there are things to still conquer. That’s what makes this so awesome — 2+ years of doing boot camp and I have jumped another hurdle! It was a good day, even with those crazy one armed pull-ups put into the mix. Those things are harder than rock — try pulling yourself up with one hand over your wrist that is hanging onto the bar – not easy right?

jump rope/practice double unders 2min

stability ball exchange
frankensteins with the ball
back extensions on the ball
35 push-ups
general stretching

workout 2 rounds
tabatas with weighted vest
hamstring curls with 15lb kettle bells
75lb jerk squats
OH Lunges 45lbs
chest press 90lbs

PT Station

cross over push-ups
25lb kettle bell one arm Snatch press (rep each side)
one armed pull-up (rep each side)

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