Bootcamp Workout

Another great day, another good workout. I really do like starting my day with bootcamp and an activity that stretches and works my muscles. I highly recommend it! I saw some deer in my neighborhood and saw the most beautiful full moon on my drive this morning. All the great things you get to witness early in the AM — yeah yeah — many people would rather sleep in. Hey — if you are up that early, you have to learn to turn those things you see in the early hours –into something cool and worthy of mentioning! Lemons out of lemonade right?

Tomorrow will be group training for me — instead of yesterday. I am going to see how my body responds to a rest day in the middle of the week. I want to see if getting a few extra Zzz’s and resting my muscles on Wednesdays instead of Fridays will improve my performance overall. It’s hard on my body when I get up at 5a M-Thursday, go do a really hard workout — and then do another workout (usually cardio based on Sat and/or Sun). This way — I will do 2 days on – rest – 2 days on – sleep in and workout (Sat or Sun). Gotta keep trying new approaches to keep my body on point!

high knees
forward walking lunges
heel to butt

corex 2
knee roll ups
hip missions
50 push-ups
general stretching

power clean squats
farmer run 20lb db (200,100,50,100,200m)
wall ball squats x 2
1000m run (12,6)
Handstands or modified box handstand push-ups x 2

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