Dulles Plane Pull – Team Plumbline Training

Tomorrow is the Dulles Plane Pull where Team Plumbline will be taking part in a challenge to raise money for VA Special Olympics.  Our team’s pull time is around 115p — so wish us luck.

The Plane Pull is a benefit for Special Olympics Virginia, the pull is a fun team competition to see which group can pull a 164,000+ pound Airbus the fastest.  Teams are made up of 25 members, who all line up adjacent to a huge rope attached to the aircraft.  The starter signals when to start and starts the stopwatch.  After the team pulls the aircraft 12 feet, the stopwatch stops and the elapsed time is recorded as the team score.

What’s really cool is that we aren’t that big of a group — and we have raised 2665.00 as of today! Not too shabby — now wait until we pull that plane!!

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