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During my presentation to parents this week — Creating Fit Families — my friend Heidi said something that really stuck with me — she said ‘we as parents, cant afford to wait around until someone else gives us an opportunity to get our kids out there and active’. It’s up to us to do it! It’s so true — we have to set the foundation, it’s our job as their parents — and that includes leading by example. I make it a point to show Nate and Hannah that a busy person must and can still be fit and active — in fact i’ts part of a busy life. I have said this before — I am a working mom, 2 young kids, a husband — all the pressures and stress of a normal life — have had a serious illness to battle with my husband — although scary and amazingly stressful– is no different in terms of stress and hardship than many people trying to make ends meet, going thru family issues etc. You get the idea.  I made a commitment to do this for me and for my family and there are times when I have to get creative to fit it in but the point is I DO FIT IT IN. No excuse outside of a health issue gets in my way  – I mean I cant go workout in bootcamp with pink eye or strep or a chest cold ….

I want everyone who reads this to realize that the major obstacle for most us in becoming fit and healthy and staying fit and healthy is ourselves. Prolific aren’t i — ha!

Today’s workout was a good old fashion run on the trail. I did about 5.97 miles — If I knew what I was running while I was running, I would definitely push for 6. I am considering buying one of the HRM that can do distance based on gps too. Maybe a holiday gift or something…

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