To work or not workout –that is the question!

It started Thurs mid morning — nausea, fatigue, lack of energy — and started to subside Friday evening after spending 2 solid days in bed. Not wanting to get out to even get water. It’s hard to be mom sometimes because there is no one around when you get sick to take care of you.  I skipped group training yesterday morning — and woke up this morning feeling ok. I wouldn’t say 100% but I would say better. So of course I decided to go for a run –why that would make sense in my head is beyond me — but I guess I am so conditioned to just do some sort of exercise. I have been holed up in bed for 2 days — I needed to move. So squeaked out 3 miles this morning — not a very fast pace but it’s done and in a way  — i wish i hadnt done it.

I  included this article below — it’s very much in line with past posts I have made –about pushing past pain and finding the mental grit to keep pushing yourself even when your body/mind says stop. I am still working on it but have noticed an improvement in this skill…

Pushing Past Pain to Improve Performance –

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