Pre-Halloween Workout

A blustery, chilly day –which for me, is welcome. It is almost November after all! Halloween is this weekend which can only mean one thing — CANDY! So make sure you have a plan in place so you dont end up eating it all weekend long. And it’s ok if that plan is to enjoy a few pieces of the loot as long as its a limited amount and it doesn’t cause you to continue to eat it day after day! Moderation!!!

450m run

toe touches
general stretching
40 push-ups

45lb lateral squat
SDHP 85lbs
25lb kb windmills
40lb db squats
ring dips
75lb push press <– i went down in lb to not aggravate my bicep pull which is better but still not 100%

New Plumbline Training Station to end the month’s session
The 50s
50 pushups
50 tabatas
50 box jumps
50 25 db push press
50 double unders/100 jump ropes if you cant do the DUs.

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