River Creek 5K Fun Run

This morning I got up — enjoying that extra hour of sleep — and headed out for a small fun run 5K race in the River Creek Community to benefit Capital Hospice. It was in the 30s and the race course was hilly. My lungs killed and I found myself stopping quite a few times to recover. Cold air and asthma do not go together when you haven’t been running in the cold for a while.  It turned out the race was actually 3.8mi –and as I approached the last part of the course, a big hill that seemed to go on forever greeted me. Who would put a BIG HILL on the course after the ton of hills we just endured and make it right before the finish line — that is just mean!  The pic above was taken during our lovely brunch hosted by Kimmy. She won a medal for first in her age group!

I don’t have the official race results yet but I “think” i finished in about 33 minutes —

(33 minutes) / (3.8 miles) = 8.68421053 minutes per mile

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