Workout & Paleo Update

Outside workout on a cold morning — you know it’s not as bad as it seems. It really does feel pretty good within a few minutes of starting the workout and by the time you are done, you have those chills that you get when you are all sweaty but it’s freezing outside. Oh the Joy!

Day 19 Paleo Update: I am down another 1.5# so that makes 6.5lbs since I started.  Yes, I am taking that .5lb along for the ride — I earned it! As I have said — not having done Paleo before, I have no idea if this is considered ‘good’, ‘on track’ or ‘not quite up to standard’ for weight loss expectations. I know that I am now at the lowest weight and the healthiest I have been since starting this healthy journey so to me – that’s a win!

Rockette kicks
walking lunges
back pedal

bicycles (up and down w your torso)
back extensions
25 bottom up push-ups
general stretching

hang clean squats 65lbs
weighted jump ropes x5
lunge jumps 15lb db
snatch 20lb kb

The pic above is my pal Stac! – Today is her Birthday –As I have said before — she inspires me, makes me laugh, and just generally makes the whole Plumbline team better…


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