Go Big or Go Home workout

What a fun morning — a bunch of great ladies to workout with, a hard workout, a crisp fall day. Some may not call that ‘fun’ but I do. Although I did not finish in the 30min time limit — I didn’t quit and finished the workout and was the last one there finishing the 450m run. The way I look at it is I am there to workout and as long as I don’t have to rush off to meet the kids’ bus or anything, I am going to finish. Go big or go home and according to my Polar HRM, I ended up burning about 100 calories more than I do on an average day — so today’s workout is a WIN!

jump skips

feet hooked with partner
side to side hands on shoulders
platinum situps
general stretching
25 side pushups(high 5 the person next to you alternating side)

front squat 65lb
TGU’s 20lb kb
One arm swing 20lb db
double box jumps x2
450m,100m, 450,100,450m run

1 thought on “Go Big or Go Home workout”

  • Hi Stephy. Nice little work out you had there! I do like the concept of your blog and have visited on and off for a little while so I’m coming out of the lurker closet! Sometimes imparting information based on your own experience is the most trusted source. We just posted some basic tips on how easy it is to start a fitness programme in your own home. I would really appreciate your feedback as we are not experts but we have used these tips ourselves and have found them to be effective and fun. Your progression has been quite inspirational and we wanted to take on a programme of our own so might drop by to get some further advice/help. Great work, and keep it up!

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