Power Workout

Frost greeted me on my car windshield for the first time this season as I headed out the door this AM. And although I happen to be one of those people that like the chillier weather, I can’t say I like to see signs of it at 5AM. I had to find my car scraper – that had been buried in my trunk for the past few seasons,ย  so that I could head out on the road — Ahh –the life of commitment!

Group Training today – 4 of us were there, having fun, laughing and working our butts off. It’s Friday — time to give it your all so you can ‘relax’ over the weekend, whatever that means!

2m jump rope

hip rockets
planks (1 arm, 1 leg) w/ a 10lb plate on your back
general stretching
40 push ups

back squat 140lb
hyper ham curls
TGUs 25lbs
single arm press 40lbs db
power clean snatch 50lb

PT Station
20,15,10 single arm power swing 25lb db
1 assisted rope climb each round
100m run each round

On my drive back from my workout this morning, I saw 3 kids riding their bikes to school and it made me smile. You just don’t see that very often around here. It reminded me of when I was in grade school. My hometown, Cranford, NJ did not offer bus transportation for the students, so we walked or biked every day – rain, snow, sleet, shine — didn’t matter. It’s so funny how times have changed. I have no idea if they offer the bus now in good ole Cranford, but around here they cancel schools if the bus stops are not clear for insurance risk purposes. Northern NJ got cold — I remember my sister Dee and I walking to school and having to make a pit stop at the local convenience store to warm up on our way to High School because of the weather. My mom headed out to work super early so we had no choice but to walk — and it sure seemed pretty far when I was younger. Scotty and I drove it when we were out there a few years ago — and it was about 1.5m but I swear – it seemed a lot farther than that wen I was 14! It was good to see these 3 boys, bundled up, backpacks on their backs biking their way to school — starting their day with crisp air and some exercise! Good for them!

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