Pull Up Extravaganza

A great special learning session at Plumbline Today. We started off with a 2 min jump rope warm up and did some general stretching, push-ups and then did saucers with a twist –we held a dowel over our head and went from lying down to sitting up with the dowel –picture a trapeze artist but lying down.. (There is a name for it but I cant remember right now)

Then the learning session began — Pull-up with a KIP. We spent an hour doing it in stages — swinging out and in, then swinging out/in and on the in, do the jump — all of this was done with the help of a 20in box and some plates on top of that for those of us known as ‘shortys’. Then the ‘props’ were removed and we worked with Mikey on getting the swing and timing right. Some got it right away, others — well I need more practice.

Finally, we were given the option to do a special to finish in 15 min timelimit…
PT station:
15,12,9 round
135lbs dead lift
5 Kip Pull ups or 30 pull ups with prop
200 m run

It was a good workout/training session. A benefit that I hadnt even considered was that the session was comprised of some new people. Anyone from Team Plumbline could attend — men and women –Mixing up the group adds a new twist on working out just like mixing up the routine does!

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