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Someone recently asked me why do I keep posting my workouts and talking about all the focus it takes to live healthy and fit — i think personally it’s good to have a record of the work I have done and track my progress but it’s also for anyone that follows me -you know that they are not alone in their journey. You can be confident that I am up at the crack of dawn working on my fitness and it’s working. I am not some superhero or have extra help that allows me to do this –Me and the 20 other women that get up alongside of me to head to Plumbline are normal everyday people just like you – full time parents, full time jobs, stress, illness, successes, challenges you name it — it’s a choice, commitment and awareness of how important being fit and healthy is to them and to those around them. And the benefits of leading this life present themselves in so many unexpected ways — that’s one of the best parts!

I chose to get up today at 5a even though when that alarm went off, I thought no way can it be time yet — but it was. Today’s Plumbline boot camp was inside which was good — it wasn’t as cold as yesterday but it was rainy. It was a twist to the normal inside workout – and I loved it! Mikey split it into 2 mini workouts and split up the groups. Space is limited at Plumbline Training – so you definitely need a space management degree!  Each workout had a time limit of 15 mins and then we switched —

forward lunges

partner ball toss 14lb
6in bridge 14lb dynamax
general stretching
partner high five push -ups

hang clean press 65lb
150 jump rope
push press squat 65lb
50 ring rows

I didn’t finish either session in the 30 min time limit– but it was a great workout for me. I really like the mini camp approach better than AMRAP 3-5 min sessions. Something about knowing there is a max rep to complete helps me get through the workout-or at least gives me the illusion of helping me….

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  • I think it’s great that you have a running “diary” of your workouts…like you said, it’s proof that your hard work and dedication towards a healthy and fit lifestyle WORK.

    I bet this morning’s mini-camp was a fun workout!!

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