Wakeup Workout

This Monday is a cold chilly one! I was happy there was no outside component to the workout. I am back down the 2lbs I gained from Thanksgiving feasting – so that was welcome news this morning, knowing that I lost control with those Almond shortbread cookies that I devoured! I made sure yesterday that I really stuck to a Paleo focused eating approach and felt so much better.

A good workout is always a great way to start off the day and wake you up. As tired as I am when I crawl out of bed — I know that when I am done at Plumbline, I will feel strong and ready to start the day.

rockette kicks
forward lunges

scissor kicks
side plank push-ups
alternate side back extensions
general stretching
25 push-ups

A change in this workout – Michael lowered the ring rows from 50 to 30 which helped a lot. Space is very limited at Plumbline Training so last week we all were waiting on equipment because 50 ring rows takes a long time to complete. And add in the soreness that I felt from yesterday’s snatch session — can you say Fun!??

hang clean press 65lb
150 jump rope
push press squat 65lb
30 ring rows

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