This is not a detour – It’s a change!

Walking out of Gold’s gym today after a good workout I saw this: ‘When you are ready to change, you will…” I think this is so true because you really do have to think of it just like that — it’s a change, a shift in how you live — a change is not temporary. If you want temporary then call it a detour because you will eventually go back to the old route —

At Gold’s – I did a varied workout that lasted about 1:20m total.

15 min treadmill run
25lb db walking lunges
50lb OH Squats x2
50lb back squats x2
50 BOSU push ups
50 assisted pull ups
50lb bicep curls x2
40lb Iso bends x 2

General Stretching
Stability Ball twists
Stability Ball lifts
Stability Ball crunches

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