I know it sounds insane but I get excited to get up on Mondays and head to Plumbline. Seeing all my pals and bonding over what we all did during the weekend is one of the best parts of Monday.  During our weekly weigh in – we get a chance to catch up and share stories of our what the scale will say and why!

I have asthma — and when it’s super cold outside and you have to run outside – it really knocks you around. They say you should try to breathe through your nose to warm up the air before it hits your lungs but I just can’t get enough air in through my nose, so I end up having my lungs feel the burn and seize up. I have improved so much since I started working out but there are days when it feels like someone is sitting on my chest — combine that with an intense workout, where your HR gets up there — well you can imagine how challenging that can be!

rockette kicks
forward lunges

scissor kicks
side plank push-ups
alternate side back extensions
general stretching
25 push-ups

15,12,9,6,3 15min limit
65lb split jerk
20lb kb swings (50 constant)

15,12,9,6,3 15min limit

back squats 65lb
box jumps x2
200m run OUTSIDE!

PLSG Potluck 2009

The next few weeks will pose some challenges for many of us  — Holiday cookie exchanges, parties, edible gifts — you name it.  I have 2 this week alone! My advice is to enjoy yourself but do it with moderation and be aware of what you are eating. I am not one of those people that is black & white. Go out and enjoy yourself – tis the season! But – with that try to be aware of how you feel afterwards. I bet you will notice a sluggish-ness and overall feeling of discomfort. Being able to identify that helps me personally with making the right choices during the everyday living —