So it’s single digit temps with the wind chill factor added in and let me tell you the word to describe today is Blustery!

I haven’t talked about paleo eating in a few days — I am sure you all missed it! I am still going strong with my new approach to eating — wheat is no longer the dominant food group in my diet and I can’t tell you enough how much better I feel! I no longer feel sluggish, am no longer ravenous, or fatigued.  It’s like a miracle drug without the drug — I am not crazy about it though – it’s just not a staple for me but if I have a bit of french bread during dinner or an Indian meal with cream and a samosa — I am ok. I am not saying that I feel that great after wards but that’s the price you pay.

lunge jumps

partner ball toss 14lb
6in bridge 14lb dynamax
general stretching
partner high five push-ups

hang clean press 65lb
150 jump rope
push press squat 65lb
30 ring rows

I finished today in under 30min — I think it was around 27:XX but I was so spent that I could be off a bit. This workout really worked your arms and shoulders and when it was over –  they felt like limp noodles. That’s how you know it’s a good workout –HA!