Combat the holiday weight gain!

Gold’s Gym was open today. It was actually its last day open in their current location so I headed over — Lately running on a treadmill is a form of torture to me. Boring and the 30 mins that i used to do — seems like FOREveR. So the last few times – i have run 15 mins to just warm up and then do more weights which has worked out great.

So after running on the treadmill for 15, and doing some strength and conditioning – i practiced my pull up. It’s so funny because I have to first go find a bend that isnt bolted to the floor and carry it over to the bars so I can reach — it’s quite a production! Then i focused on core work  — sit ups, BOSU Balancing, push ups,, jump rope.. Oh heck – I did a bunch of core stuff. It felt great.
Make sure you go and do something active today! You will feel so much better and help combat the holiday weight gain!

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