Decision to be made!

My Gold’s Gym has closed this weekend and I have no idea if the new Gold’s down the street is open which leaves me with a dilemma. I have to go workout –but where to go! I can drive about 20 or so mins out of the way and go to the Gold’s in Sterling but what a PITA.

Hmm — decisions!

1 thought on “Decision to be made!”

  • I like the one in the Cascades. The 5:30 Bodypump on Mondays is fun. There is a 5:30 RPM class on Tuesdays that is a real butt kicker. I also enjoy the Sculpt class at 6:00 am on Thursday. Your Ashburn membership should let you in. Its only a 10 minute drive early in the morning – no traffic 😉

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