Call me Larry Bird Workout

Met up with the ladies again at LA Fitness for our week break from boot camp at 6A. We did a good overall routine –

2 rounds (12-20 reps/round)
70lb back squat
bicep curl 30
chest press 20lb
back lunges 25lbs
10 burpees
20lb step ups

plank push ups
back extensions
30 push ups

Treadmill Intervals – 15mins

And to add a bit of fun to the workout – I went and shot some hoops. While I was in there a guy came in and helped me work on my shooting form. I was getting frustrated bc I wasn’t making a shot. He showed me how to set up the angle of your elbow and your hand on the ball — and sure enough – Call me Larry Bird!

On a related note: I have always been insecure about my arms. They have always been big and I have always wanted those dainty thin arms that so many women have. You can’t change genetics though, so I have worked hard in the last year or so to embrace what I was given and tone and strengthen them. This guy mentioned how I should be pretty good at shooting because my arms looked good — so needless to say, that made my day! That guy has no idea how much hearing that meant to me today!

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