I headed to Gold’s Gym this am. It’s a bit farther than I normally would drive for a gym but since mine is undergoing renovations — i figured what the heck. And as predicted, it was super crowded with Resoluters — which is great because maybe some of them will actually make a permanent change in their lives. Statistics are obviously not in their favor though — you have to find something you like to do or it won’t last. Why would someone who is tired or stressed head to the gym to spend 30m on a treadmill over and over again if they hate it?

I warmed up with 1m run and then did some weight training —

workout x2
push press 25lbs
25lb walking lunges
75lb back squats
65lb shoulder press
40lb iso lats
bicep curl 25lb

assisted pull ups
50 BOSU push ups
30 BOSU Crunches
30lb KB swings
100 box jumps