Pull Up Party Workout

Plumbline boot camp is back in session — it was a full house today and it was great to see everyone. A week off means missing some of my pals. I maintained my weight this week which is good but also surprising if you think about how much I was working out. I really don’t think I went hog wild with my eating either — I did not stick to paleo but I sure as heck didn’t shovel food in my mouth constantly either. Goes to show you, losing weight is tough for anyone!

Do you remember back in school when you had to do the presidential fitness tests in gym class? Well it felt a little bit like that this morning at boot camp — one of the exercises was the pull up. To me, pull-ups are a sign of how in shape a person is. You are pulling your own body weight up, over a bar against gravity. How much harder can it get – really?

We had to do 5 rounds of exercises which included 25 pull ups each time. I use a stretchy band around my knee to assist my pull ups until I can get the kip down. I have been working on them at the gym on my off camp days — because I want to conquer the pull up and do it without any assistance which means I have to work on the Kip —

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