Checkpoint Push-ups

It was a doozy workout this morning — hard hard hard workout that didn’t quit. Lots of shoulder and arm work. I have not been feeling so hot the past day or so but I felt better so I headed to boot camp as usual.  Boot camp is structured into levels — purple, silver and gold. Purple is for those at the beginner to mid level – the weights and reps are usually lower depending on exercise. Those not in purple – go to silver which is where I am and there are days when I believe it’s just too tough — either too many reps or the weight is just way too much. Today felt like one of those days.

We had to do ring push -ups and each round we had to do 20. I was struggling towards the end of it- arms were burning. 5 Rounds of 20 ring pushups and another 20 reps of something else — in a 15 min limit and then another series of exercises for 5 rounds for another 15 mins. Wowsa!

One exercise we did that you could easily do at home — checkpoint push-ups. We did it with a 20lb db — so you go down into a push up position, hand son the dbs, spread your legs, bring them together , do a push up and then grab those dbs and stand up – repeat. Try it!

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