Using the BOSU

I have been fighting a bug the last few days and it has not been fun. Extreme fatigue, no appetite, bad stomach — I start to feel better, resume ‘life’ and it comes back. With that being said – I did head to workout this AM but it was not my best performance — I was telling a friend this morning that getting up and out of the house that early, you don’t even have time to evaluate whether you are feeling better or not. You are still sleepy and for some, they are probably sleepwalking — It’s only after you are done with the workout, driving home do you realize that perhaps you should have taken an extra rest day.

Part of the workout today involved using the BOSU. Using the BOSU can really enhance your workout and get your HR up. Try jumping on and off of it, crossing over with one leg always on it, & turn it over and do push ups with some instability – do each of those for 1m 2 rounds — you got yourself a good warm up.

I have also been working on hang clean/snatch squats. Yesterday we had to do a bunch with a 65lb barbell — today, we used 45lb. It’s a tough exercise for anyone -partly bc of the weight but also because its about timing and form.   But you know  — how cool is it that a bunch of chicks are learning Olympic style lifting techniques?

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