1m AMRAP x3

As I mentioned, CFI had a free WOD today for anyone wanting to check it out. The set up was great too — 20 people broken up in groups of 5 and each group had a coach and they watched you as you did the WOD.

Jog around the bldg
Sampson Stretch
PVC Pipe stretch to open up the shoulders
push ups

Crossfit Impavidus WOD

1m AMRAP x3
box jumps
40lb KB swings
10lb wall ball squats

1m rest in between rounds. This WOD challenged my cardio strength and I was happy it was over! The Knee to elbow is tough — no help. Jump up to reach the bars, hang and start. My hands hurt.

And to follow up with how last night’s indulgence affected the workout — the verdict is that I was not at my best and felt the pizza grease the more I did. Definitely not an ideal meal to eat and then workout —

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