A Gold’s Gym WOD

We were invited over to a new couple’s home that moved into the neighborhood last night. What a fun night we had — lots of laughing, sharing stories, opinions — getting to know new people.  I love the meeting new people and getting to know them phase — it opens your mind up to new personalities, experiences and thoughts.

We stayed out later than usual so I slept in a bit which is fine by me. After doing some stuff around the house – I headed to Gold’s gym to do a mini WOD — The run was what did me in initially. I couldn’t seem to catch my breath so I was happy it was only 1m.

Gold’s Gym WOD
1m run
12 repsx2
25lb db shoulder press
25lb db walking lunges
20lb db chest press
20lb db tricep curl
15 pull ups

100 jump ropes
100 rope waves
20 24in box jumps
30 push ups

I head to San Fran this coming Friday to meet my 6m old niece, Amelia! I surprised Hannah with a ticket too since she has no school next Monday. A great part about it is — all my brothers and sisters will be there! David and Jon live in SF. Connie and Dee live in Portland, OR and they are flying down and my Mom decided to come last minute as well! So a mini family reunion in addition to Mom, Dee, Hannah and I meeting Amelia for the first time. I am so excited — and I am excited for Hannah to go on a trip with just me. A little girl’s trip with some aunts, uncles and nana thrown in! There is nothing better than family —

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