Schools implement fitness boot camp for kids

Schools implement fitness boot camp for kids.

Canadians are on the right track here! Fitness should be fun for kids and a lifelong endeavor!

Many students in Edmonton are now taking part in a new fitness boot camp program designed specifically for kids.It’s called No More Excuses Boot Camp for Kids and it’s a circuit-training styled program that’s being implemented in schools across the city.”It’s about exposing them to as many exercises as possible in a non-competitive environment so that they can actually do it, feel the successes, the adrenaline, the endorphines and then continue,” said Cheryl Schneider, creator of the No More Excuses Boot Camp for Kids.”We know the reality is computers and video games are winning. We need to inspire these children to have a love for exercise.”Within a 20-minute period, kids can participate in up to 16 different exercises at various stations.

Since it launched two months ago, both teachers and students have been wanting more.”A couple of schools emailed me this week asking if they can increase the bootcamps from one day a week to twice a week cause the kids love it so much,” Schneider said.”It’s a big plus,” said Ty Wilcox, a Grade 6 student from Bisset Elementary School. “It’s fun.”

Boot camp organizers hope the program will help turn around the latest Canadian exercise statistics.Statistics Canada released a report on Wednesday showing most Canadians aren’t reaching the recommended levels of exercise.According to the report only 7% of children between the ages of five and 17 are getting their minimum exercise requirements.

Earlier this month it was also announced that the federal government is issuing new fitness guideline requirements — guidelines that actually lower the amount of time Canadians should be physically active each week.”We are trying to make a difference in fitness today,” Schneider said.

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