100% Crossfit trained!

Change happens when you need it; not necessarily when you THINK you need it.

I made a big decision today. I am switching boot camps. I have been considering moving over to Crossfit for some time and had been waiting for them to arrive in Loudoun County. As those of you know who read my blog, it arrived and today I made the decision to leave the camp where my journey began and go to Crossfit Impavidus full time.

I have wanted to try a different training approach for some time but have continued on with my bootcamp mainly because of the ladies I worked out with. I have developed really strong friendships and love getting up that early to hang out with them. But I find that sometimes things happen in the universe that are meant to give you a nudge to make a change and move on because you need to — not because you are ready or necessarily want to. That happened today and after careful consideration — I am going to listen to that nudge and switch over. So starting tomorrow –I will be 100% Crossfit trained!

I am excited to see how different my body and mind respond to this shift — stay tuned!

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