Back Squats

Headed to Crossfit Impavidus this morning. CFI is closer and the class starts 15 mins later than my old camp so I get to sleep in a bit more and still get home at the same time. That’s a win in my book —

Today was strength day: Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3. What this means is you work your way up to doing the back squat with your max weight  for 5 rounds/3 reps each round.  Because we just started with this group — we started off too light. I couldn’t remember what my max weight was so I started off with 95lbs, which was way too light.  Then I moved up to 135lb, then 165lb then ended with a max of 195lb. Now 195lb was tough — but it wasn’t impossible so I know that is not my max weight. Next time we do this strength WOD – I will start off in the 180lb range —

We use this website called to track our WODs and progress – so after a workout, I come home and log it and the next time we do that back squat workout, I have a benchmark to compare it to. Pretty cool.

Another snow day for the kiddos. This is now 3 snow days in a row, plus Hannah was out Friday and Monday so she has not seen the inside of her school bldg in a week! These kids need to get their butts to school already. We all need the break from one another!

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