Paleo Diet: ‘New Evolution Diet’

Paleo Diet: ‘New Evolution Diet’ Author De Vany on Food and Exercise – TIME.

I am a believer in moderation but for me – switching to a mostly Paleo eating approach has really changed the way my body feels and looks. My skin is better, my energy is better. I am leaner and lost lbs that I had been trying to lose for a very long time.  I also have been doing HIIT via Crossfit and have gotten way more results than going to the gym for years, running on the treadmill and doing a few weight machines.  That never challenged my mind either. Crossfit not only teaches your body to respond, you also get a mental workout. You learn to push yourself beyond where you thought you could go. You learn to support and lean on others. For me – it works. For others- they may have to find what works in their own lives.

…if we really want to get fit, we should follow the lead of our ancient ancestors, Paleolithic humans who lived as nomadic hunter-gatherers some 40,000 years ago.

For more than 25 years, De Vany has been an advocate of what he calls “evolutionary fitness”: a regimen of low-carb eating and interval- or cross-training workouts (with periodic fasting) aimed at controlling insulin. But he has also become the grandfather of the growing Paleo movement, a health philosophy built around the belief that modern life — dating from the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago — is simply alien to our genes. Believers say that only by returning to a diet of wild game and fresh produce, eliminating grains and dairy, and exercising in short, intense bursts, can we thrive in a world of escalators and cheese fries.

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