New Beginnings —

Great workout at Crossfit Impavidus this morning. Going to a new box is like getting used to a new boyfriend. They don’t know much about you yet, they think they like you, you have stuff in common but it’s still not super comfortable. I am sure it will be pretty soon.  It’s a good group working out and Coach Nick is awesome.   It will take some time for me to feel completely at home but I can tell I will.  Also, I get an extra 15m of sleep because the class starts 15m later, and it’s much closer — so no 15m drive for me! I may even get an extra 25m sleep once I get used to this new routine. More sleep is a win in my book!

When I got there and saw the actual WOD was 12m, the first thought was that’s it!!?, but after doing it — it kicks your butt. I burned more calories doing that workout in 12m than I did in my old camp, although I did do heavier weights in the latter. Crossfit’s philosophy is keep moving and when I used to do heavier weights, I had to stop often because it was simply too heavy. Lowering the weights allows me to keep moving, which allows me to burn more calories.

20 jump jacks
burgener warm up
10 push ups
PVC Pass Thrus


50ft Walking Lunges w/25lb Plate
Snatch 45lb

7 Rounds completed

I also practiced Double Unders again and got a few before my jump rope broke in two. How powerful am I? Ha!

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