Woke up this AM to a nice thick layer of ice on the cars. My car is in the garage but my brother is in town for business, so his rental was behind mine and poor Scotty –he and I scraped the ice off the rental so that i could back out. As I have said before — my fitness commitment is a family commitment!

It really does make a HUGE difference getting an extra 15m of sleep in the morning — I leave later & get home the same time and today’s workout was challenging but short and once again I burned as many calories in the short time as I used to the entire workout with my other trainer.

General Stretching

Double Unders

5 Rounds for time – Rx
135lb Deadlift
10 burpees
5:16m time

At first glance you are like wow, that’s it? a 5m workout? But you go as hard and intense as you can and by the end of it — you are wiped. 5m is the Rx time, so next time I do this one — I need to shave off :16.

Form is very important especially when you are doing heavy dead lifts and the coaches at Crossfit Impavidus spend time ensuring we are using proper form so we protect our backs!

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