As many of you know, during the early part of the summer of 2008, my husband, Scotty was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent surgery and a year of chemo. We are now thankfully 6m away from being ‘remission’ card holders and will kick colon cancer to the curb!  We did however lose a few friends recently from this horrible disease —

Colon cancer, if detected early is very curable & awareness of its signs and symptoms is vital –

Here is some information about a 5k to raise awareness and support so that we can prevent others from having to fight it! —

Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation’s Scope it Out 5K taking place March 20.

SCOPE IT OUT 5K : Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC
The Best Protection is Early Detection.
March 20th, 2011 9:00am

I am going to register and run it to show my support and would be honored to have anyone join me as well–