Mother Nature switches it Up: Evening Workout for me

I just got back from the 630P CrossFit Impavidus workout because of the weather this morning. I don’t like working out in the evening — my mind can’t seem to wrap its head around the whole concept of the workout and what we are learning and what we are supposed to do.  It just seems easier to me to do it all when I am half asleep I guess — pure training in following the lead of the coach.

Guess what we had to do yet again??!! RUN! 400 Meters! My lungs hurt and the entire time I kept saying to myself —Asthmatics Rule to keep me going!!

Sampson stretch
10 Pass Thurs
10 OH Squats
10 sit ups
10 pull ups
40 Jump Ropes

muscle ups

400m Run
5 ring dips
5 Bar to Chest Pull ups
(I used the blue band to assist)
4 rounds: 13:51

My ears were wind burned at the end — such the life of an athlete I guess — now on to bed and gear up for another workout tomorrow AM.

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