You may be on to something with that Gluten thing you talk about…

My mom called me yesterday and said –and I quote — ‘you know, Stephanie, there may be something to that gluten thing you have been talking about’ and she went on to tell me how she has eliminated wheat and other gluten rich foods for about a week or so and then had a muffin about 2 days ago –sure enough, she started to feel super fatigued, got a very bad headache and had to lie down…then came the stomach issues and she still doesn’t feel right.  Ya think I may be on to something!! Oy!  I guess sometimes it takes finding it out on your own to believe it.
And anyone can do that — try going gluten free for a week or 2 and see how you feel? 14 days in the grand scheme of things isn’t really that long if you think about it –and the payoff could be huge!

I recently found out one of my co-workers had also changed her life due to an illness and began a ‘paleo’ like eating approach and now is entering into the realm of wellness coaching. I gotta tell you — I have known her for about 4 years, not closely but we had talked. I had no idea what she was going thru but recently noticed how great she looked and younger! Like me, she had also put in the work to transform her life — Taking a look at what you eat and how you live your life really is the magical fountain of youth that people talk about and talking with her felt like talking to me — it felt like ‘home’ if that makes sense.  She wrote a really good blog post about Gluten that I want to share:

What’s the Deal with Gluten?

Gluten seems to be everywhere these days.  From our food to our news sources to our celebrities (Thanks Gwyneth and Chelsea), gluten is everywhere.  So what’s the deal with gluten? And should you kick the habit?


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