Oh deadlifts! It’s a love/hate relationship with them. They are Tough but you feel so satisfied afterward! Or at least I do —

I also kept doing straight leg DLs instead of a straight up DL — so Coach Jerry would stop me and help me reconfigure — it’s amazing how hard it is to retrain for form.  I am such a thinker when it comes to doing certain exercises that really focus on technique, so I stop – think, readjust, resume — and that could go on for a while until it ‘feels’ right.

sampson stretch
10 Pass Thrus
10 OH Squats
10 sit ups
10 Pull ups
10 Ring Dips
10 Good Mornings


total weight: 814lbs

To do this WOD, you have 2 bars & one has a whole lotta weight on it — do one rep. Then you drop down to a certain % to do a set of 10, then you go back to the whole lotta weight which you can even add more if it wasn’t enough, do 1 — then go back and do 20 reps, so on —and add up total weight at the end.

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