I love that CFI has a free class for anyone on Saturday mornings that wants to try CrossFit. There is no hard sell — because for most, once they try CrossFit -they are hooked. No Hard sell necessary.

My friend Tina tried it today. Her husband already joined and is a die hard CrossFitter. She did a great job! This pic was taken AFTER the workout –and we are still smiling.

Sampson Stretch
Pass Thrus
OH Squats
Sit Ups
5 Pull Ups
5 Ring Dips

4 rounds for time
20 wall ball squats/box jumps
30 push ups
40 situps
time: 23:19

cool down
sampson stretch
front/back scorpions

It was a great workout! The whole group had a lot of fun too if you can believe it! Another great workout!