Paleo does a body good

Grains? We Don’t Need No Stinking Grains!.

Another person who has found ‘paleo’ eating. I thought this was a really good post by someone who discovered paleo and how it worked out for them. Hope you find some inspiration in it!

More Results

Many people have asked me why I’ve been trying this diet this month. They can’t fathom that grains or legumes may be bad for you. They can’t comprehend that eating as much meat as I’ve been eating can be a healthy thing. These concerns are understandable based upon how ingrained certain food groups are in our culture. To be honest, the amount of information available about the paleo diet is staggering and I haven’t read all of it yet. But I have read some and generally buy into what the research says.

But how do I feel? How has my body responded?

In a word, “FANTASTIC!”
My sweet cravings have mostly disappeared now that I’m no longer addicted to sugar.
My body feels great.
I’m noticeably leaner in the midsection.
I’m stronger at the gym.
My energy levels are more consistent throughout the day

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