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Here is a pic of me taken this morning with my new Life as Rx’d tank on my way to CrossFit. You know what I noticed after looking at this picture? I look leaner than I have ever looked–the only change I made was going to CrossFit full time. I was not the only one to notice today either — a few people mentioned that to me this morning too. I feel great. I believe it’s also the addition of gymnastics to my training — it really helps you lengthen and lean out. That’s my opinion…

Indian Run

burpee pull up

100m Run 25lb plate OH
10 burpee pull ups
15 sit ups
rest 20s
total: 4 rounds + 100m run.

Afterwards I worked on some mobility band work, my kipping pull ups, did some handstands and then one of the athletes, Sven, helped a few of us with the Pose method of running — it was super fun.

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