I knew it was time to get organized when my garage would make a perfect scene for the next episode of Hoarders! So I spent the better part of 3 hours yesterday going through the crap – organizing, sweeping, cleaning, throwing things out — it looks really good. Do you ever notice after you clean like that – you start to feel a sense of calm? I do.

I was hoping we wouldn’t do pull ups today because Saturday after the WOD, I practiced them a ton with some of the CFI athletes and they hurt – the calluses are multiplying. Coach Marc said that give it a week of pain – it won’t be so painful anymore. I usually use gloves but I took them off on Saturday to see if it made a difference. Well, the only difference is my hands are freakin killing me.

But – Guess what?? No Pull ups during the WOD!! Only during the warmup — wishes do come true!

Run 800m
Sampson Stretch
10 Good Mornings
10 Pull Ups
10 OHS
10 Push Ups


5 Deadlifts (ladies:185lb Rx’d – I did 135lb)
10 Burpees
time: 5:56

So I loaded up 185# and tried it once — I lifted it. I decided to lower the weight because looking at the workout – burpees kill me and 5 rounds — I would rather be able to continue through the workout than have to stop continually. I probably could have gone up a bit more. Even though the workout was only 6m total – it was a killer and I definitely was spent at the end.