CrossFit Impavidus Weekend Workout

Memorial Day weekend is here! I headed to CrossFit Impavidus for their free weekend workout. I have said this before but I like the open community workouts because I get to see some of the people that go to CFI at other times during the week. I am a 6A girl, so I rarely get to see the evening folks.

Once again- Coach Lori created a great, challenging WOD for the gang to do. It keeps you moving and you feel exhausted at the end – the way you should.

Dynamic Stretching
Tire Flipping in Teams

50m run/7 push ups
50m run/7 lunges
–1m rest–
50m run/7 air squats
50m run/7 pull ups
–1m rest–
50m run/7 burpees
50m run/7 Knees to elbow
Round 1=7
Round 2=4
Round 3=3

Push Up Challenge
15# plate on back 24
Push ups (no plate) 5
Push ups on knees 10
total: 39

It was a great day at CrossFit. If you aren’t busy this weekend and are in the Ashburn area, stop by CFI on Monday at 9A for a special WOD called ‘Murph’ –

“Memorial Day Murph” at CrossFit Impavidus

Monday, May 30.
Start time: 9A
Post Murph Pot Luck- at the box.
(Pot luck theme: lite brunch type food )

Show your support and head to CrossFit Impavidus Monday 9AM.

Find out more about Memorial Day Murph and how to register to become an official participant of The 2011 Memorial Day Murph.

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