Honoring Murph at CrossFit

Yesterday was a great day. I headed to CrossFit Impavidus for their Memorial Day ‘Murph’ WOD. I did ‘Murph‘ last April and the weather was pleasant. Yesterday – not so pleasant. Hot, Humid, Hot — but this was a great WOD, and great way to honor a real hero.  We started the day with National Anthem and read about Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy,, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.  To do Murph with all the fellow athletes, many of them military — it took it to a bigger level.

So my Murph time for yesterday: 53:10. It was brutal. We were all drenched in sweat and just completely wiped out. We did a post WOD potluck as well – full of paleo and non-paleo food. It was really fun and great to spend time with some great people outside of the brutal body beatings aka WODs.

I got home and had to get ready for a small cook out  — We invited some neighbors over.  I love having people over because it forces you to clean up your house. Hannah walked in from the pool and said ‘Mom, the house is so clean and orderly.’ I said – let’s keep it this way ok? Easier said than done!  Great cookout, great friends, great food. I even made homemade strawberry ice cream with strawberries picked from Great Country Farm. It was a great day — and I slept great last night!


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