Go get a colonoscopy

Why you need a colonoscopy.

As a family who is just recovering from all the things that go along with colon cancer — I never forget to take the time to remind people to get a colonoscopy. If you are over 50, make sure you do but if you have any family history — then go earlier. And if you are young and are having symptoms — push your doctor to refer you for one.  It really is one cancer that caught early, is CURABLE.

Colonoscopy is the only screening test I know of that can prevent cancer. It is fairly simple, does not need to be done often and if everyone over the age of 50 had screening, it has been estimated that between 60-90% of deaths from colon cancer could be prevented (that’s potentially 30,000-45,000 lives saved) .

Here’s another image from the games last weekend – Becky Conzelman doing an overhead squat.

Becky ended up coming in first at the Regionals and after watching her, you can see why. And I love that she was one of the few in their late 30s. Experience, strength and hard work pay off!

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