Go Heavy, or go Home

wearing my strong=sexy shirt from Life as Rx'd

I feel better – finally and just have small remnants of my cold. It’s hard to believe summer is here already. Time goes by so fast. Seeing my niece this weekend really brought that home. Scotty’s illness really brought home to me how important family is. There are no other people in the world who get you as much as your family — it’s a combo of environment and genetics. I didn’t grow up with all 5 of my brothers and sisters — we were split between our mom and dad due to many complicated reasons, so I didn’t really get to know my older brothers and sisters. When we get together it’s really cool to me to see how we share some of the same mannerisms and personality traits. No one else in the world will be closer to you than your siblings. That’s one of the things I tell both my kids when they say they don’t like each other — no one else in the entire world share what they do. I am probably over sensitive about it because of how I was brought up.

This pic on the left is of my mom, my daughter, Hannah, and my niece Amelia this past weekend in New Jersey. Β I just love that my Mom was able to spend time with both of her granddaughters this weekend. Next time, I will bring the boy too — make it a grand kid extravaganza! What could be better than that??!!

Ok, enough about that mushy stuff – now it’s on to the strong chick stuff — So, today was yet another heavy lift day. You know how I said I like these days and I know how important they are? I realize I need to clarify that after today’s workout. I do like lifting days, but I don’t like the super heavy lifting days. There is some element of it where it becomes really not fun when it is just super heavy. I felt the mood difference immediately. I am sure it’s because I can’t use my strong upper body and have to rely on technique and coordination — 2 things that challenge me daily.

20 DUs
10 Pass Thrus
10 Sit ups
10 Good Mornings
10 OHS
10 Mountain climbers
10 Hand stands (Yay! Thanks Jerry)


Deadlift – GO HEAVY!
110 lbs, 165 lbs, 205 lbs, 205 lbs, and 215 lbs | Rx’d
Oh and that was a PR for me. I had done 205lb previously – but once Coach Jerry got a hold of me and switched up my form — I could not lift that thing if my life depended on it. So, while I did lift it and that counts — I do have to work on form because you could seriously mess up your back.

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