Raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project

I had already decided that today was going to be a forced Rest Day – even though a part of me totally wanted to challenge myself with the workout today. But I got home late and had a great night last night — headed to Jimmy’s in Herndon to guest bartend and hang out with our fellow athletes to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. We raised $600 selling raffle tickets for tshirts, memberships and talking about the great cause. A great time and great group of people.

This morning, ESPN sports center was on the tv and they showed a clip of Football players training waiting for the lockout to run its course. The players were doing exactly the same training we do at CrossFit. Med balls being thrown to the ground (woodchops), ropes being waved, running ladders, pulling sleds (although they were pulling the big tires).  Think about it – I am doing the same training that professional Football players are doing – how cool is that? Am I ready for the NFL — hell no.

So – not everything is coming up roses. The last 2 days I have totally been slipping in my focused Paleo eating and I can feel it. I have eaten pure junk food, which is totally not like me. I’m not sure if its all the stress that I have been under or what — but eating MM’s out of the bag is not a good thing after all the work I have done. I am not going to beat myself up about it. It happens, acknowledge it, and get back on track.

Tomorrow, I am helping oute at YouthFest 2011 at the Brambleton Town Center 3p-7p in Ashburn VA . The event features local youth bands and performers, attractions, interactive exhibits, food and more. Created and run by teens. The CFI folks want to promote their CrossFit Impavidus KIDS/TEENs program and will be holding an interactive demo at 4P. Should be fun to talk about CrossFit and meet some local teens!

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