Fran=CrossFit Workout Hell

Summer for my kids means camps. I remember loving camp when I was younger. I went to a YMCA camp called Camp Runamuck and it was arts & crafts, swimming, exploring and lots of little field trips. It wasn’t anything mind blowing but I have a lot of fun memories. So I totally don’t get the attitude my 9y daughter is having towards camp. She says it’s boring and geared towards ‘babies’. I don’t know if that’s true but I figure — it’s camp. You play, you hang out, you have fun. I think a lot of kids today are so used to being entertained all the time, they lose the ability to seek out fun using their imagination. Moon bounces, tv, video games, computers…

Oh man, I sound like a Mom when I say that? I knew it would happen someday!  But would a Mom do ….FRAN!


Coach Laurie was our coach this morning as summer vacations are in full swing around here — Laurie trains triathletes. She also broke her foot and has had to wear a cast for a while. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be for her, but she has learned how to modify WODs to accomodate her injury.  As I said before,t here are no excuses!

Lots of stretches to open up the hips
iron cross
fire hydrants
hip rotations
Partner Plank/5 Burpees (you hold a plank, while your partner does 5 burpees until you both do a total of 15 each)





Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
65# Thruster
Pull-ups (I did as many kip ones as I could do, then switched to jumping)

time: 10:25

My times for Fran have gotten worse but I think it’s because I have been moving up in weight or technique. I stopped using bands to help me with pull ups. I was told to do as many kips or pull ups I could do, then do jumping pull ups which will help me with developing my strength. Everyone seems to have a theory on how to approach certain moves. I think you have to try some of them and see what works for you.  I was told today that I did a few but I thought I was doing a Butterfly Kip — So now I am confused. I have been trying to visualize the movement at night before I go to bed which I find helps me work it out.  We all have certain ways we learn — and I am a thinker which sometimes is good and sometimes is not so good.

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