Great Opportunities

I have been lucky enough this 4th of July holiday to get to see some friends that I haven’t seen in a while — I love the kind of friends that even though you haven’t seen them in a while, it’s like you pick up exactly where you left off. They just get you — Our lives are so busy and it’s hard to sometimes remember how great it is to slow down and go meet a friend for coffee or stop by their house for a quick glass of vino. I don’t do nearly enough of it and that has to change! I need to get out more — reconnect with the great people I have all around me.

I have talked about this before — hanging around healthy, positive people is the way to go. It really is the kind of thing that contagious. We all have problems — no one grew up with the perfect family. Some don’t talk about it and some put it all out there like it’s laundry. Β And some learn to acknowledge and embrace it for what it was, and what they learned from it. Even more people never really get over it. Β And for me, hanging out with the right kind of people — who value themselves and those around them — has been one of the greatest gifts and opportunities ever given to me.

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