Back to life, back to reality

Traveling while you are sick sucks. I started getting sick on Tuesday, was not much better on Weds, and by Thursday – getting on a plane was the last thing I wanted to do. But I did .. and got in to San Diego early afternoon and hung out for a bit and realized that I felt worse. I was in bed by late afternoon and did not get up until the next morning to head to Blogher 2011.

I’m back now — with no voice and hacking up a lung from the remnants of whatever bug this is but it was a great trip, a great event and I met some of the most inspiring women. I am working on a recap post of my experience and will share some things I learned, some people I met, and some thoughts I formed while attending.

I was able to meet up with a fellow CrossFitter @Gympressions from New York City via Twitter– Check out her blog! We met around the Marina area and went for a run, then ran a ton of stairs and ended our workout with situps. It was fun to meet someone who loves CrossFit as much as I do and once again, I find that fellow CF athletes are super nice.

Back to life though -and I got up and headed for my normal Monday workout at CrossFit Impavidus.

25 DUs
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Air Squats
10 Push Ups
3 5s L-Sits

Ring Dips

800m run

7 rounds
10lb Wall Ball
10 Ring Dips

800m run
time: 19:06

Remember, I was hacking up a lung while I was running so my time was not my best but after a few days off my routine, I think its respectable.

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