Workouts – A lot like life, rolling with the punches

CrossFit hands are known for their roughness. For some, it’s a sign of hard work — for me, it’s just painful. One of my fellow athletes, Brad, recommended that I soak my hand in warm, soapy water for 10-15m, until my the blister/callus turned white. Then take a butter knife and slowly slice it off. Yeah — gross I know.  I loosened it up with a butter knife, then took a cuticle scissor – which i cleaned with alcohol first- and cut it off.

So, now it looks like the picture to the left — And it actually doesn’t hurt as much. I also bought some cracked heel emu oil and lathered that on it last night before bed along with some Neosporin. Look — I am not a wuss but man — i don’t like to have painful hands.  Apparently, you have to toughen up the skin on your hands over time so you can handle the hard work you demand of them. Who knew?  What 40 year old chick do you know that has hands like that? Seriously.

So – I am feeling better this week than last. I woke up to a chillier morning and felt a somewhat more energetic than I have the past few mornings. I headed to CrossFit and had no idea what the workout of the day was. I like to keep it a surprise, because in reality –I’m going no matter what and basically have to prepare for no matter what. It’s a lot like life – roll with the punches.

100 single jump rope
10 good mornings
10 whirly birds
10 Pass Thrus

3 5s Kick to Handstands

4 Rounds
400m run
21 Thrusters (53lbs)
Total: 17:59

I stuck with a lower weight (53lbs) on the Thrusters so I can make sure to not have to stop all the time, 21reps for 4 rounds is touch. Guess what? I still had to stop during the Thrusters! With exercises like these, I can feel the muscle burn in my shoulders. It means I’m doing it right — but it also means Ouch – but a good ouch! I had a fun time this morning — now on to the rest of my day!

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