Should you do it Rx’d?

Intensity in CrossFit: Should You Do It RX’d

CrossFit work outs have certain recommended weights for exercises — but as I have said before, you can scale depending on your own fitness level. Many CF athletes don’t feel right unless they do it as prescribed on the board. The reality is you have to make your own standards based on where you are —

You RX’d that WOD?  BEASTMO… wait.  Should you have even done it as prescribed?  Back the fuck up.  CrossFit is intensity and intensity is relative to our individual physical abilities.  I saw you snail through “DT”and you had no business doing push jerks with 155 pounds on the goddamned bar.  That’s why you started the WOD clean shaven and yelled, “DONE!” with a full beard.  Congrats on writing RX’d on the whiteboard, but no one saw it because you’re the only one left in the gym,

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